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God, I wish you could've been there.

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  • as snow and gold
we're more than static and dial tone
we're emblematic of the unknown
raise up the banner, bend back your bows
remove the cancer, take back your souls
[we are the image of the invisible]

writing journal = clandestinely__
a static lullaby, ace of base, alanis morissette, alexisonfire, armor for sleep, beck, ben folds five, brand new, bright eyes, broadway, bungee jumping, california, catcher in the rye, chicago, chris isaac, church, church camp, cigarette smoke, circa survive, classical music, coheed and cambria, coldplay, commander venus, contrite, copeland, cursive, damien rice, death cab for cutie, denver harbor, desaparecidos, disney movies, donnie darko, eisley, elliot smith, elvis presley, emery, english, finch, flogging molly, friends, from autumn to ashes, frou frou, garden state, godspeed you! black emperor, goo goo dolls, goodbye tomorrow, guitar, harry potter, howie day, imogen heap, in 'n out, incubus, iron and wine, j.d. salinger, jack's mannequin, jeff buckley, jewelry making, jimmy eat world, johnny depp, jude law, life, little kids, love, mae, mogwai, morrissey, moulin rouge, muse, music, my chemical romance, neutral milk hotel, neva dinova, nirvana, no doubt, our lady peace, park ave., piano, poetry, queen, questionable content, radiohead, rainy days, reading, rilo kiley, roller-coasters, saddle creek, saves the day, scary kids scaring kids, school, sex pistols, shoes, sigur ros, ska, smashing pumpkins, snow patrol, soccer, something corporate, songwriting, spill canvas, spitalfield, straylight run, surfing, swimming, swing music, taking back sunday, talking, the beach, the beatles, the blood brothers, the decemberists, the faint, the format, the good life, the killers, the partridge family, the postal service, the shins, the used, the yeah yeah yeahs, thrice, thursday, underoath, vans, veda, weezer, writing